From tablet-based dynamic bib assignment
to our powerful, yet elegant platform — we found a better way.
Dynamic bib assignment, in 10 seconds
Volunteers using Tempo. So do entrants. (So do timers.)
  That was easy.  
— Volunteers and entrants everywhere
Unmatched efficiency for races and timers. It's time for 100% digital, tablet-based check-in.
Saves staff time.
There's nothing to prepare. Simply turn on a tablet, boot up the app, and start checking people in. Skip stuffing race packets with dynamic bib assignment (shirt size is displayed on the tablet).
Accurate, effortless data transfer to timing systems.
No need to manually enter on-site registrations. Customize and download perfectly-formatted data files — no file clean-up needed.
So easy for race-day volunteers (they'll thank you).
First-time users master the app in 5 minutes or less.
The best possible experience for your participants.
Scan barcoded check-in passes, printed on paper or displayed on a phone. For a forgotten pass, look up by name in seconds. Use multiple tablets to check in large crowds and leave no one waiting. Any person can check in with any tablet — no need for alphabetized check-in lanes. Run the safest event possible, with participant details like known medical conditions at your fingertips from any tablet at any time.
It's time for effective multiple-entry registration. With Tempo, your participants can:
Register for multiple events at once. No re-typing information.
Register multiple people. One form, one transaction. Done fast. A family favorite.
Register multiple people for multiple different events. Enter details for each person only once. A win for teams and families.
Register for a series of events. Data is automatically pushed to each of the included events, and is reflected in each event's reports. No more file merges.
Simple Set-Up
Open registration in minutes with our one-page event set-up. Easily create customized survey questions, discount codes, and solicit for charitable donations.
Get more done faster with our intuitive and capable system. Quickly locate orders to change customer details. Customize your online registration pages. Set up multi-user access control.
We make it simple so you save time and effort. Focus your time instead on putting on your perfect event!
Connect with social media
Collect Facebook likes and Twitter followers. Invite participants to share on Facebook and Twitter. Track conversions for Facebook ads.
Comprehensive reporting
Stay updated with event sales and statistics from anywhere. Ask survey questions and tally responses. Create customized data downloads.
Awesome integrations
Integrate with hundreds of apps using our API or through Zapier, a point-and-click integration tool. Send registration data to Salesforce, Constant Contact, MailChimp, and more!
Flexible payments
Accept payments with your merchant account or ours. With your own merchant account, payments flow directly to your bank account daily.
A better experience for you and your participants. Contact us to get started.