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Wort Giveaway (ALL CLAIMED)
presented by Fair State
Sat Jun 23, 2018 @ 2:30pm
at Fair State Brewing Cooperative (Minneapolis, MN)

Attn: Homebrewers,

On Saturday, June 23rd, Fair State is doing its first Wort Giveaway.
We'll be brewing up a batch of beer, and instead of putting it in our fermentor, we're putting it in yours. We're giving this stuff away for free. You just need to show up and take it.

The Beer:
Our version of the beer is Member Design #3. A hoppy wheat beer developed by a group of Fair State members along with our head brewer Niko.

  • Saturday, 6/23, 2:30-5pm.
  • Fair State Taproom
  • Bring a carboy & lid (5 or 6 gallon, clean and ready to fill).
  • One carboy/person.
  • Must register in advance.
  • Wort can only be picked up during stated time window.
  • We are also brewing a batch for the taproom, and providing the full recipe to any wort-takers.
  • Yeast is not available from us.
  • Only 40 carboy fills available.
  • Must be 21+

Then what?
 You take the wort home, add the yeast of your choice, and make some beer! Use the same yeast as us, and compare the results, or go in a totally different direction!

Send them to davin@fairstate.coop
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Fair State Brewing Cooperative
2506 Central Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN
Limited street parking is available