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WORKSHOP - Short Form for Improvisors (FEBRUARY/MARCH 2018)
presented by CSz Twin Cities Education
Mon Feb 5 @ 7:00pm (Please arrive 15 minutes early first day of class)
at CSz Twin Cities (Minneapolis, MN)
Are you an experienced long-form improviser looking for a way to pump up your scene work and character connections? Do you want to attack who, what, where in the first 40 seconds of your scene? This class is designed to help the experienced improviser gain/rediscover short form skills so as to then apply them to long form structures.
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Participants MUST have previous improv experience and be 18 or over.
**Dress comfortably. Please wear closed-toed shoes - NO FLIP-FLOPS OR SANDALS.
**Class meets at CSz Twin Cities for 8 consecutive weeks.
**Class time is 7 PM - 9 PM
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CSz Twin Cities
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CSz Twin Cities
3001 Hennepin Ave S., Minneapolis, MN
A pay ramp is located behind Calhoun Square. Limited metered & unmetered parking is available surrounding Calhoun Square.
CSz Twin Cities is handicap accessible.