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Cooking at Open Arms
presented by Fair State Cooperates
Tue Mar 6, 2018 @ 4:30pm
at Open Arms (Minneapolis, MN)
Since 1986, Open Arms has been cooking and delivering delicious, healthy meals for people with life-threatening illnesses. This is one of the most smoothly run organizations that we have had the privilege to work with, and we are excited to team up again.

On Tuesday, March 6th the Cooperators are heading to the kitchen to cook up some wonderful meals. They will have all of the materials ready for us, and no experience is required. You will be impressed to see what the group can accomplish!

Don't forget to wear your red Cooperator shirt! And let me (davin@fairstate.coop) know if you need one.
We will gather at the Fair State taproom for pints and snacks from East Side Food Co-op afterwards.

Cooking at Open Arms
2500 Bloomington Ave S
Tuesday, March 6th
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Open Arms
2500 Bloomington Avenue, Minneapolis, MN