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2021 City of Lakes Loppet Winter Festival
January 30-31 & February 6-7
at Varies (Twin Cities Metro, MN)
Please purchase tickets for the Luminary Loppet here.
For the purposes of City of Lakes Loppet Winter Festival events, "Youth" comprises registrants age 16 and under.

If you are interested in registering for all four of our annual signature events, choose the Loppet Signature Challenge (formerly Hoigaards Challenge).

See you on the trails!
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The Loppet Foundation
Saturday, February 6 (Start Wirth Lake/Finish Trailhead)
Classic Ski Loppet 31K
Classic Ski Puoli Loppet 16K
Sunday, February 7 (Start Wirth Lake/Finish Trailhead)
Skate Ski Loppet 31K
Skate Ski Puoli Loppet 16K
Multi-Day Registration Combinations
Loppet Challenge (Classic Ski Loppet + Skate Ski Loppet)
Classic Ski Loppet + Loppet Signature Challenge
Skate Ski Loppet + Loppet Signature Challenge
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Twin Cities Metro, MN