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Concert for Kirk!
Fri Feb 5, 2016 @ 7:00pm (Until 11pm)
at Jimmy's Food and Drink (Vadnis Heights, MN)
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Tickets available at the door..$10
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Headliner Band
VIP Ticket
$50.00 + 3.25 service fee
Reserved Seats (first come first seated)
$25.00 + 2.65 service fee
General Admission
$10.00 + 2.25 service fee
$25.00 Donation
$50.00 Donation
$100.00 Donation
Special 1/25 ONLY General Admission!
$7.75 + 2.25 service fee
This event has already happened.
Jimmy's Food and Drink
1132 County Road E East, Vadnis Heights, MN