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The Haunted Basement X Assclown Gala
presented by The Soap Factory
Sat Apr 9, 2016 @ 7:00pm
at Squirrel Haus Arts (Minneapolis, MN)
Bidding is now open for the Violent Auction! Head HERE to make your bids:

At The Break Room Violent Auction, you can bid on various items which you will then be welcome to destroy at the Assclown Gala. Begin your bidding now!

While we're all about fun here at The Break Room, we're also all about you not getting hurt.

- Bidders must be 18+, present to win and must sign a waiver.
- If the winner is not present, the runner up will claim the prize.
- No open toed shoes - otherwise you'll have to wear our extra shoes from the Haunted Basement and trust me you'd rather not.
- A safety mask, jumpsuit, chest protector and gloves will be provided and must be worn.

For $10 you can select an assortment of 5 non-auction items to smash before the official auction begins.

Choose your weapon! Once you have your items you'll be able to choose from an array of smashing implements ranging from sledgehammers to baseball bats and rubber mallets. Choose wisely.

A special thanks to Tech Dump and Arc's Value Village for their donations!

The Soap Factory's Haunted Basement kicks off its milestone tenth anniversary (HBX) with an excruciatingly special fundraising event that could only be named THE ASSCLOWN GALA.

Each year, a massive and diverse group of artists come together to descend into The Soap Factory's basement, bringing all different backgrounds and disciplines together in a mixture of installation and performance art to create a notoriously terrifying experience for an inexplicably willing audience each October.

The event will feature makeovers courtesy of the Haunted Basement makeup team, DJ Jim Frick (Wak Lyf, Real Fun), tarot readings by Kimber Gramont, a raffle with a chance to win special Haunted Basement artworks and experiences, music and mingling, terrifying treats and rueful refreshments, and a soul-crunchingly unique Violent Auction station, courtesy of The Break Room: all hosted by MC Tristan Tifft.

Not only does the Haunted Basement support the work of a diverse group of artists each year, but it provides vital support for The Soap Factory in fulfilling its larger mission of being a laboratory for artistic experimentation and innovation. By fundraising for this anniversary year, we are not only able to bring you the best celebration of the last ten years possible but we are able to extend even more proceeds to support artists working in this unique and immeasurably important space during the rest of the year.

More of an "un-gala" than your typical black-tie affair, this will be a fundraising event as only the collective artists of The Haunted Basement can deliver. The Assclown Gala will feature the unveiling of our Indiegogo campaign, which for the first time in Haunted Basement history will offer exclusive incentives such as HBX merch and many opportunities for a number of very personal, very immersive experiences for this year's HBX patrons.

The Assclown Gala will also provide an exclusive first peek at The Haunted Basement Tarot Deck, a very special item designed by Haunted Basement artists over the project's ten year history, which will be made available for pre-order starting the evening of The Assclown Gala. And for the first time ever, gala attendees will be able to purchase tickets for the Haunted Basement - an event that sells out every year - before their onsale date of August 1st, 2016.

As if all this wasn't enough, your presence at The Assclown Gala puts you in the middle of the action for the launch of this year's tenth anniversary celebration of all things Haunted Basement. This is a night you won't want to miss.

Come creep with us and get a glimpse of what's in store for 2016.

All proceeds from the Assclown Gala go to fund The Soap Factory's Haunted Basement and the artists who make it happen.

Let's get weird.
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This event takes place at Squirrel Haus Arts: 3450 Snelling Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55406
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Squirrel Haus Arts
3450 Snelling Ave, Minneapolis, MN
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Squirrel Haus Arts is fully ADA accessible.