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2019 Luminary Loppet
presented by The Loppet Foundation
Sat Feb 2
at Lake of the Isles (Minneapolis, MN)
NOTE: the REI Luminary Party and beer tent close at 10pm. Please plan your evening accordingly if registering for a later start wave.
***IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ: If you are purchasing multiple tickets, please enter the name of each guest you will be bringing. Entering the name of the purchaser multiple times will cause registration errors and delay at check-in*** If you wish to purchase multiple tickets and do not yet know the names of the guest(s) you will be bringing, please use this registration page instead.

For the purposes of the Luminary Loppet, "Youth" comprises anyone between the ages of 3 - 16. Anyone 2 years old and younger does not need to register or purchase a ticket separately if accompanied by a paying adult.
Luminary - Adult (Ages 17+)
$35.00 + 3.18 service fee
Luminary - Youth (Ages 3 - 16)
$18.00 + 1.66 service fee
This event has already happened.
Sat Feb 2 @ 6:00pm (6:00 Luminary Wave)
Sat Feb 2 @ 6:30pm (6:30 Luminary Wave)
Sat Feb 2 @ 7:00pm (7:00 Luminary Wave)
Sat Feb 2 @ 7:30pm (7:30 Luminary Wave)
Sat Feb 2 @ 8:00pm (8:00 Luminary Wave)
Sat Feb 2 @ 8:30pm (8:30 Luminary Wave)
Lake of the Isles
Lagoon Ave & E Lake Calhoun Parkway, Minneapolis, MN