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Haunted Basement Presents The Workshop
presented by Haunted Basement
Fri Dec 13, 2019
at Former Herbergers (Roseville, MN)
The Workshop is an unmasking of the darkness that exists below our winter celebrations. The death and fear that we keep at bay, but can never fully expunge from our hearts when we see our world coated in beautiful ice and snow. An examination of the kitsch that clings to our holiday traditions, masking their undercurrents in shiny baubles and upbeat songs. But The Workshop remembers that every song is rooted in the fear of a cold, hungry death. The Workshop remembers the fear. And, for those willing to push back the curtain, The Workshop is willing to share that fear.
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18+ Event | ID Required
There are NO returns or exchanges on tickets.

1. No admittance if you are under 18. IDs will be checked at the door.
2. No admittance to intoxicated individuals, or individuals seemingly under the influence of illegal substances.
3. Patrons may not cause damage or harm to any performers, sets, props, or costumes.
4. For your own safety and comfort, you must have appropriate clothing to navigate through challenging and messy environments: you must wear close-toed shoes. Sandals, heels or backless shoes will not be allowed in to The Haunted Basement. Inappropriate clothing will result in denial of entry.
5. All bags, coats, backpacks, large or loose items MUST be checked at the door.
6. Patrons agree to the use of and publication of documentation including photography, audio and video recording.
7. No cell phones, cameras, flashlights or other illumination devices may be used during the performance.
8. Each patron must present a valid ticket at the door, valid only for the show time and date on their ticket. No late entry. No re-entry. No ticket rescheduling. No refunds.
9. Haunted Basement determines patron compliance and reserves the right to refuse admission or eject any patron at our discretion as well as the right to insist a patron leave the premises.

I understand that there are risks and dangers in participating in The Haunted Basement including, but not limited to: risk of personal injury and damage to clothing or possessions resulting from walking through a basement in darkness, uneven walking surfaces, strobe lights, strong smells, loud noises and PTSD triggers, concentrated fog/smoke, physical contact, projectile liquids, dust, dirt, allergens including peanut butter, latex, detergents, as well as disturbing and adult content.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Parking: The Haunted Basement has ample free off-street parking.

Clothing: You’re going into an adventurous, bloody, immersive, haunted factory. Please dress smart. Wear comfortable clothing and tennis shoes. And don’t bring anything you wouldn’t mind getting a little messy…

Say “Uncle”: Practice saying “Uncle” in case you get too scared and need to escape from The Haunted Basement. At any point during your experience, saying “Uncle” is your ticket back to the safety of the first floor to wait for your brave friends.

Group Tickets: Each ticket is good for one person’s admission at their scheduled time. Large groups may attend The Haunted Basement if they have purchased tickets for the same the same date and time. However, you will be separated from your group before descending.

No Printer?: No problem! We have printed waivers on hand. And you can display your ticket on your smartphone or look up your ticket information via will call. Don’t forget your ID!

Photo ID?: A valid photo ID is required for everyone attending The Haunted Basement.

If you have an accessibility or accommodation request, please email us directly at
Please feel reach out to us if you have any concerns regarding accessibility during this event.
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Former Herbergers
Roseville, MN