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2018-19 Youth and Team All-Access Ski Passes - Invoice to School
presented by The Loppet Foundation
Thu Nov 1, 2018
at Theodore Wirth (Minneapolis, MN)
A MPRB Ski Pass is required on all groomed trails in the MPRB system (Chain of Lakes, Columbia, Hiawatha, and Theodore Wirth Regional Trails). While on groomed Snowmaking Trails, everyone must have ski pass visible at all times.
IMPORTANT: Please ensure that you are selecting the correct quantity of passes and entering discrete registrant data for each pass selected if selecting a quantity of more than one. Duplicates will cause issues with pick-up and check-in of passes, and participating schools may potentially be overcharged as a result.
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Theodore Wirth
1339 Theodore Wirth Parkway, Minneapolis, MN