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Liz Russo - Saturday Late
Sat Apr 27 @ 9:30pm (Show starts at 9:30pm)
at Goonie's Comedy Club (Rochester, MN)
Liz Russo has been performing standup comedy for over a decade and has performed for clubs, colleges, theaters, casinos, festivals, and events across the country. Most recently Liz has filmed for Laughs on FOX TV , which will be her national television debut! She has been a regular on Raw Reality with Gail Kasper as part of the Odd Squad on WMCN44 in Philadelphia, PA. Liz combines sexual innuendo with her confident spin on self-deprecating humor. She draws from her personal experience as a plus size model, her struggles with weight loss, and maintaining a positive body image. Liz has also featured for comedy greats as Colin Quinn, Gilbert Gottfried, Jim Norton, Jackie Martling, Dave Chappelle, Lisa Lampanelli.
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