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2020 Tri-Loppet & Du-Loppet
July 17 - 19
at Bde Maka Ska (Minneapolis, MN)
TEAM REGISTRATIONS AFTER 8PM on 7/16: If you wish to register a relay team after this time, please choose ONE Tri/Du-Loppet Relay Team ticket and register with ONLY the team captain's information, simply filling in the other participants' names (first and last) in the paddler/runner/biker fields as applicable.

Those participants who register by end of day on July 3rd are guaranteed a 10L waterproof bag. After that date, the bag can be purchased for $20.
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Loppet Foundation
Tri-Loppet Individual
Tri-Loppet Relay Team
Du-Loppet Individual
Du-Loppet Relay Team
Rental Canoe (standard)
Rental Kayak (solo)
Rental Kayak (tandem)
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Bde Maka Ska
Minneapolis, MN